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Tomato A&P Kia Sorento T Kit

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Since this item is a special order import item, it requires a single purchase. if you are purchasing other items from the store you will have to purchase them on a seperate checkout.

U.S. Purchase
Complete Kit $2300.00
+$175.00 Shipping/Import Fee
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Canadian Purchase
Complete Kit $2300.00
+$225.00 Shipping/Import Fee
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Designed for 2003-2006 Kia Sorento models. This kit was developed by focusing on sporty feel and advanced style. Manufactured in Korea. Made from high grade fiberglass this kit comes complete with Front bumper, rear bumper, sideskirts, headlight eyelines, tailgate garnish, muffler tips, and emblem set. and full color installation guide. LED lamp assemblies and Optional hood/trunk Tomato A&P emblems are also available.

  • Shipping outside the continental U.S. and international shipping is available upon request.
  • To ensure these items arrive to customers safely and in a timely manner, a business address is preferred for shipping. Body Shop, Workplace, any place that will be open during standard business hours.

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This item is imported from Korea after purchase. Shipping time for Tomato products is 3-5 weeks. For more information on imported products please GO HERE.

Shipping charges will be added upon checkout.

SPECIAL NOTES: Due to the nature of fiberglass, please understand that due to strict U.S. Federal and State Safety crash guidelines, Importshark is not responsible or liable for any damages incurred upon accidents due to driver error, incorrect installation, and any mishandling of this product. All parts are recommended to be used for show purposes only.





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