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MS Hood - $424.99

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Due to the nature of hood order processing this item must be purchased seperately.

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U.S. and Canada (CA) Only

International shipping is available for this item. Hood shipping outside North American can range between $200.00-$350.00 USD. For an exact quote please contact us via email.

Designed for 2003-2006 Tiburon models. Designed by MS and produced in house by Importshark this hood is made of high quality fiberglass and is only a fraction of the weight of the stock hood. This vented hood utilizes a simple design to allowing cooler to rotate through the enginge bay. Grade A hood with excellent fitment and retains original shape of the car.

  • Available in fibrtglass ONLY.
  • Shipping outside the continental U.S. and international shipping is available upon request.
  • To ensure these items arrive to customers safely and in a timely manner, a business address is preferred for shipping. Body Shop, Workplace, any place that will be open during standard business hours.

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